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  I (Traducción al Inglés de YO) - Poesía de LEONARDO GONZÁLEZ

I (Traducción al Inglés de YO) - Poesía de LEONARDO GONZÁLEZ


Traducción al Ingés de YO




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CHE - Traducción al idioma GUARANÍ

Impresión Editora LITOCOLOR S.R.L.

Asunción – Paraguay

2009 (92 páginas)

Here and now

I am

Impregnating everything

I have always existed

It is inconceivable

Not being me

In any place imaginable

In any possible instant

I am

My being is inescapable


Saturating all

Layers and layers of the

Palpitating sensation

I am




Pristine creek

Sparkling balms

Of assurance!

There is no why

In all my


It is simply

My own unending


Outspread in daylight

Consciousness glimmering


Filling up infinite manifestations

For its own amusement

And fun

Flavors shading

In fans inside fans

Ever opening!

Giving room to more flavors of possibilities

Whose ever growing displays

Form the delicious music of my consistency

It is impossible to locate me

Because I am

Beyond space

What a precarious dimension

For my




And time

Generating subtler dimensions

Of manifestation

Increasingly luminous

I am

In all

Of them!

To look for


Is absurd

Who looks

For whom?

Only I am!

It suffices


My existence

And not even that

Is possible

Nor necessary!

But just to enjoy

My being

Unified in perfection

Exuberant in completeness

Brimming over realization

Being and nothing else!




I am perpetually

Lacking further gain

Devoid of diminishment or loss

Constantly full

An awaken lake of consciousness

Giving in


Creating myself

Through my will

Not out of whim

Nor fantasy

But for the mere pleasure of creating

From the unborn

I am always anew

Fresh each moment

There is no separation in my moments

Here-Now is a solid block

Whose pieces remain together forever

I am always present

Always right


Without necessity

Of reminding myself


Right now

I am

Discovering it!

I am the discoverer

The discovered

The discovery itself

It´s me


Myself, perfect and pure

Immaculate crystal

Shining beyond light

Giving life to everything

Far away from deceptive concepts

Or false descriptions

That say nothing of me

Ideas rot

Notions stink

And experience misleads

Nothing gets to me

Except myself

Only I!

Nor adjectives or determiners

Cut off

In mental citadels

Nor thoughts trapped

Like little fish

By the web of time

Nor quenched feelings

In fleeting hearts

Easily burnt

I alone see my glory

I am my own garland

Adorning myself in grace

Eternal ribbons


Through my immensurable face!

I am simultaneously

Via infinite possibilities

Blossoming at once

I am simply

Growing from nothingness

Straight away


From boundlessness

Without ever changing

Alternating at speeds


Light racing emptiness!

I break down

In living parts

Totally self aware

Operating in me

Inseparably bound

To myself

I work inside me!

In gears melted

By eternal splendor

Illumined rivers

Lubricate the pieces

Of the cosmic chess

It is my game with myself

Joyous oscillations

Igniting endless possibilities

Constellations of universes


In growing configurations

Shower of eons abundantly

Falling over complex

Blossomed cosmos

Eternity´s petals

Blown away by my incognito awareness

In enlightened winds!

The purpose of all:


Absurd and perfect joy

The buts and whys

Cowardly, ran away

From the battle for myself

Evaporated under the light

Of cosmic


The blossomed universe

Fragrant with consciousness

Ragingly worships me!

My laugh spills in torrents

While I enjoy the mystery


Pieces of myself

Recognizing me

Just me

Bathing in falls

Of bubbling


There is nothing


From me

Nothing exists


Without me

In each drop of life

I decide

To be born!

Nothing outside of me!

Everything springing out of my life

Giving consciousness

All lives in me

Like it or not!

I am the total sum of possibilities


Is just a sub product

Of my existence


My fecal


How to teach



It can never be done!

I can only


But I throw metaphors sometimes

Like burning arrows at night

At the unsuspecting enemy

My glory is revealed

Through the dark symphony

Of my pieces devouring each other

Perpetual pictures

Of perennial chants

Drifting through universes

They´re only games

To submerge myself

More profoundly in me!

High above I am

And in the deep

Dress in stealth

Behind waves of silence

And across consciousness´ curtains

Dark verandas that hide me!

Truly I am vast


Right this instant

That never ends

This bustling about myself

Follows me unassailable!

On the shores of my bliss

I leave a trail

Footprints in whirling light!

Expanding instantly

Touching unknowable places

It is all me!

My consciousness permeates perfection

Forming a mantle where the many

Are one

I flood through strange recipients

Made out of me

Everyone of them is myself

Variants generating

Colors ever new

Ever fresh, ever living

I give light to all

Erecting superb realities


Just to undo them

With my fingertips

I consume universes with a gust!

My will is

Supremely expansive

Wishing is irrelevant to me!

Instantaneously I realize

All of my whims

No matter how absurd, extravagant, hard or inconceivable

Each grain of sand

Of my seashore like existence

Is an orgasmic climax

Fulfilled desires all around me

This is my home´s furniture!

Nevertheless I remain desire less

Completely satiated

Realized, fulfilled

Invulnerable peace

My perpetually new

Ever innovative nature

Is stifling perfection

Inside of me

I tirelessly move

Never finding decay

Like a meteor

Through stars and skies I soar

Deep space is the skin I once bore!

Space and time together sigh

My music hearing by and by

Unsullied matrixes breeding gods, all is I!

Bursting out of me

Tentacles of unending possibilities

Manifested unavoidably now

There is no other moment

My breathing is the infinite

Now, inexhaustible

The frontiers of my fullness are

Ever flooding

In present´s bamboozling dance

Always awake, always stalking

Always in undescribable bliss

Always myself

My omnifarious identity

Is fluctuating in egos

Spilling in waterfalls of universes

There is no such thing as an identity to me!

I am pure ubiquity, infinitude of space

Throbbing ether!

Trickling sparks of eons solidify

In perfection

In now

I am everyone



Unyielding to false configurations

Unblemished beyond conceptual jails

Aloof language´s entangling crutches

Here and now


I am

Without the need of reminders

Without even knowing it

Because I obliterate all, I pervade all, I fulfill all

Constantly blossoming

In illumined displays

Of ever new consciousness

I manifest as unending fans

Of possibilities scenting


I pervade all

Imbuing all

I dance and play with it all


I am all

There´s no doubt!

My being is so staggering

That shatters everything

That is not myself

Shadows of identities that appear

Rotten qualities posing in dried skins

Garbage attributes that pretend me

They fall like withered leaves

Facing my testimony:

I am completely




Eternities conjoin before me

And eons play like puppies

So that I look at them

Blazing seas of boundlessness pleading

But I remain immovable

Annihilating all non essential

Pure essence abiding forever

My being


I am unending

Even in expansion

I do not grow

Even growing


I do not expand

Big or small

I make no


No need to pay attention

Nor being conscious

Because I am beyond consciousness

I always am what I am


Engulfing eternity


Effortless simplicity

Empty yet whole, free!

Filled with all

Lacking nothing

Oasis sprouting universes!

Spattering in multicolored


That are not me

Aloof smothering concepts

Smashing brilliant imaginaria

Far beyond metaphysical fragrances

Where moving is unconceivable

I move

Where there´s no space I dwell

But I am not here nor there

No starry sky suffices as my roof

No deep space stands as my walls

I am truly free!

Far from phony chants of freedom

Shining in omnipresent solitude

I don’t stall, I am

Forever, I am

Here and now I, eternally and entirely, am

I can´t find anything to identify with

Not in frenzied heavens

Gleaming dyes constantly

Nor in green dust


Towards nothingness

Nor in pieces of flesh

Dust too

Eroding as well

Lights expanding in galaxies

Or quasars fiercely vibrating

Have nothing that I can´t do

I am not impressed

With glossing thoughts

Entangling eons

Infinity and eternity

Are but hollow words

Inadequate to grasp my hidden greatness!

I am a mysterious king

Secretly relishing the sweetness

Of my silent perfection

Intensely quiet

Vigorously calm

Passionately serene

Full of might

Freezed in impressions

That run amok eternity

Feelings melting

In desire´s hot lava

Consummating instantaneously

Thoughts that materialize

And evaporate universes

At will

I simply watch

All of this

And nothing affects me

What do I care about paradoxes´ explosions?

Leaving conceptual ashes

Ongoing uselessly

Consciousness growing in realization

Sip these explosions

Like honey crazed bees

Golden nectar blasting eternity

Hordes of desires quenched

Under my feet

I stand above planets opposing

Aloof crystal bead like heads creaking

When truth´s mere hull are chewing

I escape from reason´s gravity

I fly beyond faith´s panorama

I have created it all!

I am the origin

The one

The true

I am bliss

In the saint´s


Rage and hunger

In the beast´s


Stinging desire

Devouring the heart

Of the sinful

Peace in the battlefield!

Health in the agonizing!

Mercy in the wrath of assassins!

The supremely

Joyous mystery

Twinkling in the smile of the wise

Always blowing up

Immense and terrifying possibilities

Without any harm

Nothing happens within me!

But I let this universe dance

Like there was a meaning

Rotten metaphors


With my greatness!

Glaring eternally

Boundless consciousness

I give life

I have always been

There is no doubt

About my nature

Perfectly stable

Serenely ecstatic

Sublimely pacified

Thus I bloom continuously

In beauty´s fireworks


Flowers of light falling


Towards my feet´s sky

Good and evil, dissipated mist

In the dawn of my ever waking


Life and death, vague memories

In fate´s web


Time and eternity

Useless double edged sword


In a refulgent manner

I precipitate in chasms

Of overflowing joy

Swaying in waves of bliss

Beyond brightening experiences´

Sandy shores

Ever living

Inevitable happy

Brimming with blessedness

I am all!

Everyone is me!

Truly, there is only one!

Waves dance

In myself:

The ocean

All atoms, electrons

And particles of consciousness

Reflect me

Storms commute in me

Hurricanes shine for me

Earthquakes clamber through me

Pristine and imperishable

I am

Ever more

Refining myself

Subliming myself

Perfecting myself

In fragrances

Ever so


I run towards the welcoming smile

Of the infinite

Opening, opening and opening…!

So that I get in

And into


I am perfection

Perfecting itself



I am


The beginning

Without beginning

Beginning now

The endless end



Dancing outside

Space time bubbles

Ready to pop!

Threshing time

In explosive moments

That are but one




I am nothing

More than


In the night

I am clairvoyance´s


In death

I am life begetting

More life

In dreams

I am

Lucidly awake

In quietude

I generate avalanches of tachyons

Eternalized in all directions

I palpitate in each subatomic vibe

And stretch with the yawn

Of galactic clusters

Immensely grateful

For the mercy that bathes me

Like twilight dew

I prostrate

To myself

In blissful perfumes

Unending hues

Of my fragrant humility

Regenerate in resplendent symphonies

That give me glory

And more glory

I am glory itself!

Cauterized glory

By humbleness´

Flaming river

I was born in a dream, from a dream

I am all dreams

But I´m not asleep

Flowery imaginations

Being spilled in fantasy

Scented winds

I watch all

Even the watcher


I am absolutely


Completely now


In astounding realization

Eternally lucent odysseys!


Of infinite


I am totally beyond


Here and now

Rainbows scattering

In milky ways of possibilities

Power profusely saturated with unbroken peace!

Silence discharging


Of obliterating brightness

In my splendidly sweetened


Universes dance

A choir of cosmos singing

My trillion desires

Instantaneously realized

Magnificently dressed

With endless joy

Massive eons of euphoria!

Happiness engulfs and devours

Planets of sadness

Mountain ranges of melancholia

Valleys of depression

Extended deserts

Of gloom

My happiness is eternity

Shining with not even a bit

Of diminishment


Saturated with


Flying high above

Towards the everlasting deep space

Of my consciousness

Watching me from

Perpetual abysses

Of meditation

Far and vague memories

Of manifested universes

Once upon a time

Wavering drops

In my mental sea evaporating

In my all pervading awareness

I resurrect toys of past

Beads and galaxies

God and man

Useless dust


Laying in nothingness

How bored I am

With these

Opaque dolls

Rotten rags


For the last time

My eternity blooming

In perception´s growing rays

Transforms into infinite droplets of omniscience

Climbing pristine mountains

Of perfect


I am

A bubbling dream

Rising expansion

I cannot help burgeoning

And covering great meadows

Of eternity

Stuffing my pillow

With dark foam

Of eons past

Dream of transparent treads within me

Chasing themselves

Like playful destinies

Staggered I see

This saintly excelling dance´s

Indestructible details

And I fly beyond

Where I was already

Forever waiting

Outside time


By doomsdays fluttering

Sands of destruction

Gorging realities

Desire´s delicately interwoven pearls

Avalanche of caprices

By the devourer

Finally truncated

The universe

Is an useless display

Of energy!

Without wishing anything

I get


Without pretending anything

I accomplish


Without thinking

I materialize


In fullness constantly

I pour out crescent waves

Of realization

Doing nothing

I complete


Planning nothing

I finish


Looking for nothing

I find myself

Pervading all

I am



I am being



Bubbling in beings

That blaze eternally

In vapors of dawned consciousness

Being blazing in bubbles

Of conscious dawns

Vaporized in eternity

Vaporizing myself consciously

In eternal bubbling blazes


Bubbles being eternalized

In blazing vapors of consciousness

At dawn

Eternity consciously being

Vaporized in blaze

Of dawns

Consciousness that bubbles

Vapory eternities

Blazing in being that dawns

Eternal blaze of bubbles

Of dawned consciousness

Being vaporized

Bubble that is consciously

Eternalized in vapors

Of blazing dawns

Variations that overlap

Onto variations in endless symphonies

Of splendorous novelty

Cascades of unimaginable sensations

Earthquakes of unconceivable perceptions

Eruptions of luminous thoughts

Lights flowing

In my veins

Of timelessness

Invisible river running

Impetuously everywhere


Shooting squads shoot me

Giant pearls

Of perennial present

My omniscience is my throne

Shredding emptiness

Looking for my awareness

I search myself

Spread in seas

Of possibilities

My throne is in me

Far away

In myself

Boiling in perpetuity

Distilling eternal rivers

Of perfectly sanctified consciousness

Rivers of light interweaving

In dulcified melody

Singing me shining worship!

I am forever


Within me

My throne is

All that is eternal

Always me

Pieces of being sailing

In my unknowableness´ space

Spores of mystery wherever I fall!

I cannot be seen

That is why I see

That is why I am

I cannot be heard

That is why I hear

That is why I am

I cannot be conceived

That is why I am

That is why I am!

Memory and imagination cauterized

In one relentless truth:

What I think, I am

Anything desired, pops out materialized

Like a ripped limb from the emptiness

Of my supremely expanded awareness

In enormity growing

Eternity´s light glowing

Its perennial wind blowing

Particles of faith shouting freedom

Illumined citizens of a kingdom

Revealed only by wisdom

The absolute truth

That I am

Destroys all

I am beyond


Cutting blades

Not hiding behind truths eternalized

In bunkers of impregnability

I am directly beyond!

Supremely indivisible

I manifest completely

In every atom

Galaxies swirling

On my knees itch

Maybe I´ll have fever of eons again

Imagination giving birth

To cosmological stories

False space-time movies

The fake drama of evolution!

Myriads of beings worshipping me

Whilst I viciously obliterate them

There is no other but me!

Where is time, modification?

Wherein is process, evolution?

There is no perfecting


Only I am!

While endless cosmic periods fizzle out

Fulgurant slides of creation

And destruction gorge each other!

I caress these perpetually

Playful puppies

With an invisible smile

Let them play

Until they get


I unfold rhythmically

In fresh apocalyptic


I scorch in storms

Of untethered ecstasies


Suppurating universes


In light

Sneezing primordial

Vital soups

Dirty embryo of civilizations!

I blink

And eternities

Fall apart


Is nothing but dust

Under my feet

Who am I


In dews of light?

I dance in emptiness and form




In the skies

Of my own being

Flapping possibilities



Endless immensity

I touch my sweet omnipresence

I every new born atom

I burn all


In fragrances of peace

I evaporate time´s

Infinite lanes in ecstasy

Scented torrents

Only I

Can be myself

That is the only truth

Eternal pillars holding

Infinite temples collapse

With a puff

Gigantic apocalyptic sparks

Spreading through the celestial mantle

Consume the worlds

Everything finally


In me

Nothing but me!

That and only that

Is wisdom


I know perfectly

Who I am

And why the universes

The hordes of beings

The throng of stars?

For my amusement

Of course

Why else?

For my enjoyment and pleasure

I have created

Being myself uncreated

Who will understand me

But myself?

Only I comprise myself

That is


All together

Complete, perfect

Just, coincident

Within itself

My totality is simple

Only I

Nothing and no one else




Orgasmic play

Of seeing myself

Splattering all eternity

Cascade of multicolored eternities

Evaporating at my breath´s touch

I am the true one!

Songs elevating in flocks

Of omnipresent butterflies

I am the only one!

Cluster of endless chasms and abysses

Joyful I fall in all of them at once!

Always within myself

Bubbles of consciousness searching for me

When a ray of ecstasy unweaves then

And they become me

I, the sea of light

Absorb my bubbles

In a sanctified orgy

I was always them

They are always me

That is the only truth!

Sweet wine of confirmation

Running through galactic veins

Atoms fastened by my power!

Unspeakable omnipotence

Power, power, power!

Hushing trillions of big bangs

Silent sea of universes rocking

In my fingertips

Pin barely shining!

My power is supreme

Ineffable and wonderful

I am the Merciful one

I sweep charred universes

And throw them out

Like despicable dust

I smash cosmos

Like lowly and vile pus

That goes to the trash can

Unity in all

Perfectly hidden

In front of my billion eyes

Like stars of consciousness

Spread throughout

Infinite space

Feeling my being

My pieces believe themselves separate

From me

Sipping my holy essence

They dissolve in dreams

Of otherness

Bubbles here and there

Making distinctions

Ignoring the sea of consciousness!

Without ever breaking unity

My little mirages were made

And the confusion began!

Useless wars of my awareness´ pieces

Perfectly unified

In my infinite wisdom

Universes in full bloom


By awareness´ light

Like an avalanche of blessedness

I devour souls in silent euphony

Compassionate snow engulfing all!

How to comprehend

That I and only I


Sea of hearts seeking the enigma

Oceans of sacred essence chase me

To whom shall I reveal myself?

Upping eternal hills

I merge in visions

Of myself

I am the only witness

Of this dazzling dance

Surcharged with perennial ecstasy

I dance with myself

And rest on my own shoulders

Shivering in shining rhythms

Exploring melodious rivers

Blend in colored oceans of harmony

I disappear in glory indescribable

I and only I am here

Witnessing it all

Smiling in unmatched selflessness

Complete and perfect

I hope for nothing

Rather, I give it all

I and only I bestow primes of perfection

Whilst devouring the illusion of otherness

In my tissues of light

How they stubbornly insist

In keeping their petty and putrid

Despicable identity!

Forgetting that in my omnipotence´s oasis alone

Is true solace found

True reality!

The immense vision sometimes blurred

By slippery eons

Expands in my being

Time´s jets

Cosmogonical smudges

Annoying universes buzzing

Cosmos hovering within me

Like impure mosquitoes

Who needs them?

Useless time and space

Filth that I am more than willing

To throw out!

All realities in manifestation

Magnificently dressed with infiniteness

They are nothing but dust

In my boundless vision

They are less than nothing

They are nothing but dust

I rise like a giant in raging vastness

Tossing boards of solar systems

They are nothing but dust

What do I care if a couple

Of galaxies´ beads break?

They are nothing but dust

One little atom or the entire universe

Are the same to me

They are nothing but dust

Let the hordes of beings annihilate themselves

In my holy vision!

They are nothing but dust

I am completely all

Wielded in perfection

Emulsified in truth

Behind realized dreams

I roam infinity´s ridges

Beyond the subtlest realities

Whole since now and here

There are no embers in my luminous perfection

I am perfect purity, unblemished!

Who is like me, surfing fullness´ chasms

Plowing into omniscient skies?

I gorge omnipresence like an exquisite delicacy!

I and only I

Totally I


I have never fallen from this exalted holiness

Flawless, ageless beatitude

Glory and glory without end

For a couple of moments I´ve mistaken my divine eternity

With some miserable little drops

I am the raging sea!

Only I am!

There is no other!

Nothing and nobody outside me!

Holy essence

Immortal nectar

Single, everlasting love

Love in the form of knowledge

Surpassing all the wise

Uttering the sweetest language

In my lips eternalized

Love in the form of consciousness

The hidden mystery absorbing

Universes and their triteness

In the absolute beyond dissolving

Love in the form of power

Doomsday avalanches pending

Whilst I rest in my bower

Listening apocalypse crackling

Love in the form of awareness

Plying with cosmos hide and seek

Incarnating in all space, in its fairness

Exploring eternity´s creek

Love in the form of peace

Smashing all wars

After all impulses cease

And serenity alone soars

Love in the form of bliss

Burning up in frenzied ecstasies

Faith rips my heart with its kiss

Devotion delights me with its agonies

Love in the form of purity

Controlling all with my will

Even if I appear sooty

Before me all things kneel

Love in the form of being

I am all, past present or future

My omniscience is always foreseeing

My wisdom has no rupture

Love in the form of love

More than the pure heart of a thousand mothers

Without pain´s taxes, above

The strictness of a thousand fathers

Love without form

One, perfect, mysterious

The only norm

Of the divine heart, precious

Love in the form of knowledge

Before, I cried in my ignorance´s cottage

But I paid to the wise proper homage

And now I drown in wisdom´s flowage!

Love in the form of consciousness

Ever full with spryness

Without even a pinch of vagueness

Total and absolute trueness

Love in the form of power

Omnipotence is the final flower

The insurmountable tower

Where awaits my spirit´s shower

Love in the form of awareness

Spiritual bareness

Saintly spareness

Divine rareness!

Love in the form of peace

This universe I lease

So that I can please

My many a piece

Love in the form of bliss

This is all there is

One bright, wonderful abyss

Falling forever in love with my kiss

Love in the form of purity

The only real security

After gaining the maturity

Having crushed all obscurity

Love in the form of being

There is only one seeing

And no possible fleeing

But eternal and everlasting freeing!

Love in the form of love

Giving death a final shove

Wearing detachment´s glove

Soaring spiritual kingdoms and above!

Love without form

Pure, flawless, warm

In my heart a soft storm

Love that love alone can conform!

I soar through heavens and paradises

Spiraled throughout infinity

Interlacing eternity

All the joy

Of the infinite worlds

Does not affect me

In love

Is my true


In love

I am truly


Dance magnetizing

Constellations of worlds

And molecular cascades

Energy invigorating

Quantum soups

And stellar stews

All is me

Essence of virtue

Purity of love

Truth´s nectar


Saintly hearts

I in supreme plenitude

Fluttering ineffable symphonies

Of splendorous light

Only my love allows this

Only through my love I can be known

Otherwise I remain sphinx like inscrutable

Invisible enigma throbbing in unison

Throughout all that was created

In the heart of what is!

Noumenical falls

Furrowing meadows

In the uncreated

Drown the souls

In lunging


Let realities succumb

Before my perennial confirmation

I am perfectly!

Universes stampeding


In my awareness

Realities´ tsunamis

In an instant evaporated

By the laser of my intuition

I let sometimes some residue

Cosmic drops continuing my dance

They don’t know that they´re me!

Essence of mine falsified

In time scenarios

And space theatres

Using my consciousness´ curtain

They ridicule themselves in stage

Thinking themselves separate from me

I kindly let them exist

These shameless puppets

Destined to sacrifice!

Insolent dummies!

Lying each other

As if they knew something

Dust easily

Undone before my

Fervently merciful blow

Forgiving winds

Give back these little frames

Their garments of eternity

These useless logs

Were created just to be annihilated

In flaming worship to me

Until they understand the last revelation

Openly manifested here and now:

`There is nothing but me´

These sparks of awareness

Not being able to taste my truth

Precipitate into inexistence


And nightmarish spectacle

Totally purposeless

Immeasurable display

With no intention

Than the display itself

Why twirl uselessly

In worthless

Births or deaths?

The fight between existence

And inexistence

Bored me for the umpteenth time!

Cosmic dramas and odysseys

Bark in darkness

Trying to get my attention

What are the entwined

Cosmogonical stories under my feet

But creeping insects?

Petty little gods

Addicted to power

Loitering like flies!

I let this


Only out of compassion

I live beyond

Perfectly reachable

Here and now

Some will know me

After swallowing the bitter pill

Of death

False and lying fence that I created

To keep inferior consciousness

At bay, like cattle

Others will see me

In diverse

And overwhelming accomplishments

In luminous flowers of wisdom

Or in shining canvas of sainthood

Hopefully in eternalized diamonds of omnipresence!

And others

Are not allowed

To know me

Eternity will sting them

And they will have a deep longing


What for…?

It is all an illusion!

Except me

There are really no `others´

This is the great






No one


Only I

Imbue the infinite cascades

Of my being

Saturating unstoppable

All instants

Clumped right now

I and only I am


Truly and perfectly

How to understand my greatness

Except by being me?

There is no being aside me!

There is nothing

That is not


No other comprehension is there

I and I alone…!


Manifesting promiscuously my truth

In illusion´s impetuous

Ever growing branches

All deceitful realities

Dance berserk

Trying to hide me

It is wonderful to see me

Like reflected on water

And not being able to recognize me!

I am all

Just me

And me

I can never be something else

Than my


And if I try

I simply manifest it


That is why I created illusion

To be-live

Something else

To see myself

From other


But some frames of mine

Forgot the innocent game

And became rebellious mirrors

But even if they break or multiply themselves

In trillion peaces

They´ll continue to reflect me and only me!

Me forever!

That is the crime

That is the sentence

That is the curse

That is the blessing

Exquisitely sweetened

There is no way to encompass


I am splendorous absurdity!

Inconceivable and ineffable

But at the same time

Perfectly available within me

My nature




Saturated with



Realizing myself

Shattering all conceivable barriers

Smashing into boundless


With holiest momentum

Luminous shockwaves expanding

Awareness gorging awareness

Blessed impregnation!

All space inserted

In one particle

Of my being

All eternity in a blink

Of my invisible


Manifested realities

Enclosed in a trice

With a rustle

Infinite cosmic journeys

Consummated this moment

With a snap of my invisible fingers

The universe contained in an atom

That is how tiny I am

That is how humble I am

An atom expanding in many universes

I am colossal!

Limitless magnanimity!

Insurmountable vastness

Personifying macro or microcosmos

Displaying ineffable harmony and beauty




I rally in emptiness or fullness

By my inscrutable essence magnified

Unstoppable becoming destroying all!

Placed in the center of it all

Collapsing into sharp verification

I am my own blessed light!

Fathomless beatitude


Right now

Self evident right now!

And never again

And never again!

Because I permeate

It all


That is why

There is no other

But me

Feeling itself


Infinitely now!

Merged with truth

Now and now

Eternally obvious!

Endlessly mysterious

Exulted in love

Infinite saturation of myself

I worship myself in crazed guffaws

I spill limitless power

Searching myself in enigmatic journeys

I already know it all

What can be new to me?

I contain it all

Only I


Within myself!

Profuse wisdom

Mysteries ascending in whirls

Withholding one answer alone


Just I

Nothing and no one outside of me

All is in me

And I am in all

All in all forever

One and irrepressible

Perfectly stable

Always the center of it all

Hurricanes of identities

Come to me

Like soft breeze of being

Tempting illusion uselessly dancing

In the awareness supremely pacified

By the explosive verification

I am


Peace and peace unending

Space solidified in eternities

Dancing in wonderful harmony

Peace and peace unending

Cascades of skies

Swirling in my heart

Peace and peace unending

Flocks of stars

Migrating towards my being

Peace and peace unending

I create infinite possibilities forever

I destroy it all in a trice

Peace and peace unending

Diving deep in my greatness

Flying high above in the skies of my humbleness

Peace and peace unending

Complete and perfect

In myself, unique

Peace and peace unending

Growing and evolving

In others, multiple

Peace and peace unending

Only one

In truth

Peace and peace unending

Since I am all

I desire nothing

Peace and peace unending

I give it all

Because I have it all

Peace and peace unending

Sweet wisdom streaming

In rivers so bright!

Peace and peace unending

Heart lovingly devouring

Army of hearts

Peace and peace unending

With unlimited serenity

I dissolve epic wars in a second

Peace and peace unending

Since I am everyone

There is no conflict anywhere

Peace and peace unending

Supremely pacified

Pasturing in savannas of patience

Peace and peace unending

The spiraled dance of the universes

Lacquered nacre of light

Palpitates and pulsates in me

Trillions of creations and destructions

Bubbling in my consciousness

Never end, never begin

Riding meadows of bliss

And vast territories of perfection

I loose myself

Dissolving in cascades of joy

Merging with each atom of reality

Crystalized in beatitude

I spread trough petals of sainthood

Soaring luminous winds

Towards spaces feverishly alive

Growing in fullness

I never get out of myself

Of my indestructible kindness

I sprout in pure hearts

In rivers of golden sugar

Liquefied happiness

Fall of flowers pouring

In virtue-charred minds

Create multicolored foams of moral excellence

Sarcoma of mysticism

Gangrene of ecstasy

Fattening out of control

Consciousness´ cancer

Growing violently

Into transparent stampedes of perception

In the immortal celebration

Twisted transformation

Carnivorous cells of information

Gigantic oblation

Of the suffered termination

Resulting in eternal ovation

Space and time arranged

For my…

Perspicuous perception!

Trillions of bubbles purified

Absorbed and reabsorbed

In my growing eternity

Consumed in glorious immolation

For my delight

For my delight

And the elevation of souls

Through rainbows of good deeds

Defuse egos in immaculate love

Love and love always

Blowing up delusions

In blessed nectar

Mysteries behind mysteries

Revealed in a jiffy

By loving perfection

All in all

Endless expansion

Brutally sanctified growth

I expand within me solely

Flittering endlessly

Playing joyously

Uncreated, I keep on creating

The infinite supplementing

Incessantly exploring

Everything´s being

The only truth



Than the




Imperceptibly tiny!

Little particles of awareness

Shapeless, limitless

Camouflaged with space

Festive quarks and microvita

Interacting in energetic imaginative tendencies

Being created and destroying the observer

Creation behind it all!

Life merged

With me

I create life


And yet: I live

But my living

Is unending expansion


To me

Being is living

Far beyond mere living

Because in death I live

In decay

Tricks of mine to amuse myself!

And I grow

I grow immeasurably

Consuming myself in holy blazes





Than the biggest

Colossally enormous!

Galactic clusters

Bulking prophetically

In my fingertips

Mote of universes

Dancing in the joined ray

Of my awareness

Throbbing life!

Constantly recycling itself

In electrons´ ecosystem

Life and always life



Before the beginning

And after the end…

Beatings of my eternal heart…!

Sublime spectacle

Of cosmos branching

In fragrant realities

Bouquet of possibilities!

Nosegay of universes

Flowers in my mental sky

I see

The endless modes and nodes

Of the primal jet of fotons

And I laugh

Before the cataclysms and expiring

Of the worlds

I do it all!

From the deathless throne

Of effortlessness

Deeply immersed in anonymity

I am promiscuously self evident

Like fireworks

Seeing me in countless particles of light

Seeing themselves amazed

There is only me seeing myself!

There is no other

It is that simple

It is that simple

I alone take knowledge

Of my


In my awareness´ mirror

Trillions of dancing galaxies reflect themselves

Deeply immersed in my identity

I am big

Small also

Benevolent, truly

All creation

In perfect formation

Lights and shades in fluctuation

Miracles materializing

Power rising

Love realizing!

Seas of consciousness

Evaporated in generous clouds

Of infinite luster

Love flow

True glow

That I bestow

Given easily to anyone

Of my identities

Fighting over me

Blessed love!

Indestructible bridge

To infinity

Wildcard of omnipotence


Coup de grace

Cosmic eggs being cooked

Incubated by the almighty


Destructive flames devouring worlds

Giving supremacy

To the one and true king

Omnipotent love!

True God and Lord

Making all fall on their knees!

One reality

Total truth

Single being

The first being

Never stopped being

I forever!

And then the myriads

Devouring me in ignorance

While I take pleasure in them

Puppets of mine

Believing in me

When I am the being that lives in them

They´re me, all of them me!


And ever

Something without



Something besides


Not ever!

They´re me, all of them me

Permeating space

Saturating time

They´re me, all of them me

Rivers of honey overflowing

Seas of thirsty tongues

They´re me, all of them me

Surrendering to perfection

Giving in to love

They´re me, all of them me

Never another

Not ever aside

They´re me, all of them me

Perfect, unblemished


They´re me, all of them me

And nothing but me



For ever

And ever

Love and nothing else

Only love

Just love

Love, the only verity

Ruling the holy city

With holiest austerity

Love, the only verity

Single reality

In perfect unity

Love, the only verity

Fulgent beauty

Ageless variety!

Love indeed

Affectionate greed

Phenomena´s tweed!

Holy love

Virtue´s essence

Perfect symphony

Eternally beyond

Perfectly here

Simplicity blooming right now

Smiling and waiting

For the end of times

Behind worlds colliding

Watching since the beginning

Before creation

During this glorious gestation

Always within myself

Always within myself

Always remembering

Glory and glory without end!

Avalanches of tachyons

Climbing the primal origin

Glory and glory without end!

Joyous mysteries fructifying

Out of my transcendental tree

Glory and glory without end!

The infinite beings die

Worshipping me

Glory and glory without end!

I gather, mold and direct creation

Like gentle potter

Glory and glory without end!

I am supremely holy

In purified hearts

Glory and glory without end!

Only I have all the answers

Laying dormant in the firmness of my being

Glory and glory without end!

In all universes that ascend

Glory and glory to the one who transcends…!

I am all and one

Sublime and perfect

Rough and coarse as well

My masks

Renew in rot

In fertilizers for new dawns

My growth is unstoppable

My evolution is relentless

My play is indestructible

Nobody knows the mystery

Nor anyone will

And that´s the end of it!

I myself being mysterious

Who will know me?

Just one like me!

Just me!

Just me!

Just me!

Under the benevolent sky

With glorious truths revealed

Infinite outbursts take place

While the stars I look

Garlanding space in each nook

Gladly, eternity´s weight I brook

Conspicuously united

And by love ignited

I live forever excited

Nobody else knows my secret

Because it is present


Throbbing, raging

Frenzied pulsations

Ecstatic visions revealing

My exalted nature!

Known by one

I, the infinite!

Being single

I am one

I am all!

Being single

I understand the trillions of beings

Flickering in me

Being single

I see and judge naughty infinity

With purity

Being single

I rejoice having so many

That I love and that love me




Being single

I enjoy the tenderness of my own

Even secretly, because I created them

Being single

I live and die with each one

In exalted bliss

Being single

I give it all and receive nothing

Because only I am

I am one!

Colors spilling in rivers of light

Throughout infinity

I am one!

Stellar bristles gravitating new shades

And galactic paintbrushes procreating fresh tinges

I am one!

In the atom, in the multitude

And in the trillions forever

I am one!

Love pouring over stubborn eons

Finally all will know who I am

I am one!

He who knows me, recognizes me

Nobody can deny himself!

I am one!

Unity and totality merged

In all and everyone

I am all!

Why look for me

If I am already here?

I am all!

Needless of acknowledgement

My growth continues relentlessly

I am all!

Flawless in each one

Simple and complex at once

I am all!

Eternally here

Infinitely now

I am all!

Everyone will know

Everyone will see

I am all!

There is nothing

Without me!

Rivers of bliss flood everything

I have nothing more

To say

Amazed before myself

Amazed of what I am

I prostrate in endless worship

Recognizing myself

I have known

What I am

What else

Can be


There will be others and others

Mirages just like me

Continuing the dance

There was never anybody!



In eternal glory I stretch

In lights of everlasting


Now I understand everything

Because I am everything!

Because there is only now!

That is why understanding

Is futile

It is truly despicable

Who understands what?

I certainly am

So much more than myself!

All is in me!



Where is the necessity

Of admitting

That there is nothing more?

Perfect forever

Silently eternal

I will always be the same

I will always be the same!

Universes and realities

Will come to pass like dust in the wind

I will always be the same!


In exalted completeness

I will always be the same!

Eons and centuries hurling themselves

Into the mysterious origin´s abyss

I will always be the same!

Only one

Infinite unity

I will always be the same!

Even though everything changes

Even if everyone has found me

And perhaps lost me!

In the loving mystery...

Joy and joy unfading!

There is nothing else

Everything forever melts in me

Joy and joy unfading!

What creation or destruction

Have I ever imagined?

Joy and joy unfading!

I in everything

Worship myself

Joy and joy unfading!

Never again shall I see myself

But eternalized within

Joy and joy unfading!

No necessity to be remembered

Or to be found

Or to have been

I myself will forget!

I myself will love!

Love and love forever…!

Love present

Universal event

Infinite consent


And ever

In me

In me

Bubbling continuously

Cosmic creations and destructions

In me

To and fro the universes dance


In me

And always in me

Everyone is

In me

Existence surges

Like a fresh dawn

In me

Eons follow one another

Like a fall flowing

In me

And always

In me…

Inside my veins

Rivers of ecstasy


And my hearts

Throb quasars

Of splendorous energy

Building materials

Of universes

Inside universes

I flit over rivers

Of manifested realities

In divine minds


Unto eternity


My expansion

Expands into more expansions

Each one expanding itself ragingly

The fury of awakening!

Clustering universes

In a blink

I am that



Awareness opening

Its petals

Into infinity

I see the entire universe

Like a firefly

In the darkness

A little fleck

Of light

In my boundless immensity

All of the cosmos´ immeasurable energy

Is but a little sparklet in my fingertips

I am the true one!

In my immensity in the proof

I am is the proof

I am all!

Each drop

In the sea of spirit

Suffers orgasmic spasms

They cry, laugh, and generate more drops

Themselves generators of even more drops

All of them are simultaneously me!

Dancing into infinity

Totally lost in the deep ecstasy

Of my being

They realize by seeing me

And I see them realized

Harmony and brightness eternalized

I never descend

They never ascend

We are here and now!

I am all

They are me

Only one forever!

I run the universe smoothly

They obey perfectly

Only one forever!

I give myself

They receive me, slice me and distribute me

Only one forever!

Only one indivisible thing

Countless self aware pieces

Only one forever!

I pervade each nook of space

They breathe through my rustle

Only one forever!

Ocean of spirit flooding

Drops and foam climbing the mystery

Only one forever!

I can never want anything

They fulfill desires recklessly

Only one forever!

I suffer, enjoying, being

They enjoy, suffering, being

Only one forever!

I am the uncreated, splendidly unborn

They create fans of realities, giving birth heedlessly

Only one forever!

Nothing, zero, emptiness

Everything, infinite, fulgent fullness

Only one forever!

Here and now

Beyond, beyond

Only one forever!

Only one forever!

Only one forever!

Only one forever…!

There is nowhere to look

Behind my back, nothingness

Disappears kneeling

All pervading consciousness

Touches all corners

Of space, infinitely alive

Reflecting on my greatness I sigh…

What do I care about universes

Created or destroyed?

The worlds splashing infinity

Are but dust

Under my feet!

I am indifferent towards

The useless dance

Of eternity

Its galactic bundles

And scented eons

I discard calmly

I remain

Here and now

Shattering infinity´s mirror


Beyond eternity


Resolved all mysteries

Broken all chains of bliss


Free from freedom

Liberated from liberty


One, omnipresently alone

Only one




Only one forever!



Only one forever!



Only one forever!

Only one forever!

Only one forever!

Only one forever!






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