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Sara Leoz

  SIN TÍTULO, 1998 - Obra de SARA LEOZ

SIN TÍTULO, 1998 - Obra de SARA LEOZ


1998 - 14" x 08"- Oil on Canvas





Artist Statement:

"My art work began and continues to be distinctly expressionist, sometimes in a very naïve way and others not so much. It expresses my pain in a very harsh way. I also joke about it by using sarcasm and irony. For me painting is exclusively cathartic. It is the most direct way I find to release the urgent need I have to express myself. My feelings accumulate inside my soul as if it were a container, until it coats and spills on the canvas, wood, paper or any other material that can keep them and in this way contain me. I paint on canvas, wood, paper, cardboard or any other material which is at hand. I prefer oil-painting but, as I mentioned, any other material which I can make use of is welcomed. Many times I write words and phrases on my paintings, which I feel I need in order for the work to be completed.

I also like to stick personal items in a collage way, such as: cards, medical prescriptions, bottle tops, letters or pieces of them, notes, photographs, tapes, book covers, book pages and other things that are important to me (for example: a lock of hair of my dog or even my own blood).

My entire work expresses my inner world and the one surrounding me(in the sense of things that are physically in direct contact with me).

Well… What else can I say? I think that my paintings have their own language and speak for themselves. An art critic referred to my work in this way: 'Sara speaks with her heart and paints with her speech'. This is the best way I can define my work."






Sin Título 10

 ("Untitled 10")

1999 - 48" x 22" - Mixed media on wood





Asunción, Paraguay


2006 - present

Studying with Chilean art professor Nury Gonzalez in Asuncion, Paraguay

History of Contemporary Art course, Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes (ISBA), Asuncion, Paraguay

2000 Studied with Felipe Noe in Buenos Aires, Argentina

1996 Studied with Enrique Collar and Carlos Rolandi in Asuncion, Paraguay

1995 Studied with Vicente Dure in Asuncion, Paraguay

Solo Exhibitions

2006 Centro Cultural Juan de Salazar, Asunción, Paraguay

2004 “Teta, Leche y Rock & Roll”, Centro Cultural Citibank, Asunción, Paraguay

2001 “Póngase Cómodo”, Manzana de la Rivera, Asunción, Paraguay

1999 “Mi Mundo”, Manzana de la Rivera, Asunción, Paraguay

Group Exhibitions

2001 .35-50-70., Galería Martha Manchini Arte Latinoamericano, Asunción, Paraguay

2000 “Arte BA”, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Arte Joven”, Salón de Shopping del Sol, Asunción, Paraguay

1999 “Chasqui de Cuenca a Asunción”, Multiarte, Asunción, Paraguay

“Shala., Manzana de la Rivera, Asunción, Paraguay

“Asunción Convulsiona”, Zona Urbana, Asuncion, Paraguay

“Henri Matisse Award exhibition”, Manzana de la Rivera, Asunción, Paraguay

1998 “II Salón Nacional de Arte Joven La Nación”, Ferrocarril, Asunción, Paraguay

1997 “Boots”, Manzana de la Rivera, Asunción, Paraguay

“Al Fondo a la Derecha”, Centro Cultural de Espana, Juan de Salazar, Asunción, Paraguay


2000 Finalist Arte BA, Banco Provincia premio de pintura, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1999 Finalist, Henri Matisse award, Alianza Francesa, Asunción, Paraguay

1998 1st Place, II Salón Nacional de Arte Joven, Diario La Nación, Asunción, Paraguay


Colección Privada: Escritos sobre arte visuales en Paraguay. Adriana Almada. 2005. Page 135-7.

La Revista La Nación, “Me premiaron por ser yo misma”. Review of work and biography of artist. By Natalie Santos. September 28, 2003. Page 14.

El Cruce: Cuestiones Sobre Arte Contemporáneo Del Paraguay. Margarita Sanchez and Nury Gonzalez. 2002. Page 32.

La Revista La Nación, “Ingenua acida”. August 6, 2000. Review of work and biography of artist. Page 6.

La Revista La Nación, “Segundo Salón Nacional de Arte Joven La Nación”. Special art edition November 1998.Review of work and biography of artist. Page 13.


Private collections in Paraguay.


Fuente digital : http://www.centurion-art.com

Registro actualizado: Diciembre 2011



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SIN TÍTULO, 1998 - Obra de SARA LEOZ

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